Assessment for Optimization. Now faster: Quick Assessment.

Fundamental information for optimizing your operations Care Model.

Managing a Customer Relationship Center is to be in front of a demanding and changing business. People, processes, technology, quality, metrics … A business that requires quality information to address changes that impact on profitability and the customer experience. Assessment for Optimization is the key to building the Optimization Plan of your Contact Center, evaluated the major areas of care model. Quick Assessment And if you need NOW, identify the areas of improvement to deciding the initiatives that coming in the next months: QUICK ASSESSMENT, rapid diagnosis to help in your goal of optimization and cost savings. Quick Assessment born from the experience of our consultants on projects to improve contact center in Europe. Our objective to provide quality information, well structured and oriented to the improvement, tailored to customer objectives to respond rapidly to questions like … “Which are the urgent initiatives to reduce operating costs with minimal impact on the quality of the service, or even improve quality?” “Which are the critical points of my operation I should improve now? “ “Is the model of care in line with the service model?” “Does technology platform supports current operations with adequate productivity level? … And next year?” “Do I need to replicate good practices between different services or facilities? … And take some of the most widespread of the market?” “¿Cómo puedo mejorar la calidad del servicio de atención que ofrezco y la experiencia de mis clientes?” “How I can improve the quality of service and experience I offer my clients?” … Quick Assessment fits your model of care for a quick way to give information to decide, to act. For more information or to arrange a sales visit, please contact us. We are at your service.
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  • Enrique
    Enrique Amat
    European Professional Services Director
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    Susana Cavero
    Business Consulting Manager Continental Europe