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DatapointEurope, to ensure the sustainability and competitiveness of its business has implemented a Quality Management System based on the reference standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015.

The Management Team, in order to reinforce commitment to requirements and increase customer satisfaction based on continuous improvement, commits to:

  • Meet the requirements of clients and their stakeholders, as well as legal and regulatory requirements that affect the performance and delivery of services provided by DatapointEurope
  • Continuously improve processes and services as a fundamental instrument for increasing efficiency, competitiveness and customer loyalty
  • Analyze the risks inherent in our business and our organization in order to mitigate, minimize and reduce them
  • Train the staff promoting quality awareness in order to increase employee competence
  • Optimize costs through the proper use of available human and material resources
  • Transmit the Quality Policy among all employees
  • Strengthen the commitment and participation of all staff in the development and achievement of the objectives
  • Review the Quality Policy to achieve a continuous adaptation of the same

In its vocation to offer the best service to its clients DatapointEurope is constantly contributing improvements to its System of Quality Management, turning it into a dynamic tool of Business Management. For this reason, the Management of DatapointEurope has an absolute commitment to continuous Improvement in both its products and services provided to its customers and the Quality Management System, as a mean to ensure customer satisfaction.

To ensure pollution prevention and minimization of environmental impacts DatapointEurope is committed to:

  • Conduct in any new activity or process and from its inception, a previous study to assess its impact on the environment.
  • Examine any significant effects on the environment from the environmental aspects derived from DatapointEurope activities.
  • Adopt the necessary measures in order to prevent and eliminate any contamination or any accidental emission in the natural environment.
  • Take the necessary measures to minimize waste and recycle it, as far as possible, ensuring adequate management when there are no other alternatives
  • Take the necessary measures to save raw material including, where possible, reuse
  • Take the necessary measures to save energy and water
  • Calculate and, if possible, reduce the carbon footprint of DatapointEurope

This will be done, within a framework of continuous improvement through:

  • Setting environmental objectives and targets
  • Implementation of the technical, human and economic means necessary to achieve the objectives set
  • Evaluation of the degree of compliance with them

All this in accordance with the legal requirements and other applicable environmental requirements related to environmental aspects (waste production, noise emission and air emissions, discharge into the water, consumption of raw materials …), and with all the requirements subscribed by the company itself.