Improving the efficiency of Contact Center operations is a priority challenge today. There is no inefficient multichannel Customer Experience.

Whether you want to optimize an existing process, efficiently manage your service platforms, add new channels in a consistent and orderly manner or provide your employees with the tools to increase the quality of service, DatapointEurope is your partner. Our customers in Europe are well aware of the profitability of our solutions. From the automation of front and back office processes to the self-service multichannel, we help our clients improve their Care Center performance, Multichannel Customer Experience and integrate multichannel self-service models: voice, website, email, mobile … efficient solutions to increase the profitability of your business.
Quality Analytics
Solution from an analysis of the quality of Customer service interactions linking voice and text variables with other interaction management (treatment at different levels of care, classification by the agent, etc.) providing data, information and automatic correlations through highly visual and easy to interpret interfaces, according to operation and business profiles; enabling the incorporation of a vision of the impact of the operational metrics on business indicators, beyond those purely viewed from the quality issued.
Unified Destkop
Unify the various applications and tools used in the management of interactions on the agent desktop in an integrated manner to facilitate and optimize the management of agents obtaining productivity improvements and a positive customer experience.
Process Optimization
From the analysis of the monitoring processes to identify areas for improvement and optimization, better agent practices to replicate, to the total or partial automation of the processes, we propose solutions that maximize results whether these are developing guides to assist or direct the agent in real-time, information collected by the procedure, minimizing errors, show alarms that warn of irregular practices or show the information required by the agent, provided in real time.
Multichannel self-service
Solutions that incorporate the latest technological advances in the field of artificial intelligence and that are focused on developing natural and intelligent dialogue as well as the implementation of logical decisions according to business rules, with the aim of facilitating automatic and self-sufficient customer interactions through any of the communication channels available to your company or business.
Work Force Management
Solutions that can be integrated with “Operational Management” to provide complementary skills in operational management control, such as control over the sizing of resources and event curves, identification, reporting and correction of deviations and incidents, among others.